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In Data Science, better data drives better decisions.

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What we do

With real-time data, we identify trends, predict opportunities and solve issues to provide the most effective decision-making processes for any business.

The right insights will help transform, evolve and/ or add context in order to deliver expected results. We strive to solve and foresee, so you can make the right decisions.








Data Manipulation

We help you manipulate your data from their original sources to make them available and useful. We work in quick, iterative sprints, and we extract, manipulate and load the correct data into the proper channels.

Data Engineering

We unify the vision of business and your data. We clean, sort and enrich the data. We store it the right way for your business needs.

Data Visualization

We help you visualize the data to solve the questions you have. We design the right canvas, add the necessary KPIs and sort the widgets to tell a story.

Data Prediction

We leverage the right prediction algorithms and platforms to answer tomorrow's questions today. We run your data through the right classification, categorization or regression algorithms.

Success Cases

The largest foodservice distributors in US

The client is one of the largest foodservice distributors in the USA, it serves independent restaurants, delis, sporting venues, schools, nursing homes, hospitals and regional and national chain restaurants.

Using a SaaS model, Azure Services for data storage, Machine Learning and Power Business Intelligence, we were able to provide Reinhart with on demand prediction experiments, solution data repositories that could be accessed by LOP apps to obtain results, historical data visualization through user interface and predictions on PowerBI dashboards. All of this data was used to understand customer purchasing patterns for any product and predictions of what their customers would buy during a target date, as well as quantities.

Partners since: 2017
Country: US
Overactivers: 7+

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