Gonzalo Cuiñas

Chief Business Officer


As Chief Business Officer, Gonzalo also helped shape and define Overactive’s commercial strategies and successes along with our Sales team members, while providing an effective and proactive client management style. Currently, he heads the creation and execution of our sales strategies and teams in the U.S.

He also played a significant role in restructuring our business mindset to a more client-oriented one, during our expansion in the U.S. market. Prior to joining Overactive, Gonzalo’s experience in both the Sales and Technology industry has been extensive. He lived in Tokyo, where he provided services to companies like IBM and NEC, and in Chicago, where we worked closely with clients like United Airlines, Aon, Prudencial, and the Chicago Tribune, among others.

Gonzalo has a degree in Software Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration from Uruguay’s ORT University, where he also served as a professor of Business Strategy for many years.

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