Lorena Fern√°ndez

Chief of Staff


As Overactive's Chief of Staff, Lorena's role is to act as a point of contact or gatekeeper between top management and other stakeholders and provides oversight and guidance to strategic projects. She runs a program management unit, often working closely with the heads of strategy, communications, human resources and other company departments.

She joined Overactive in 2018 working as a PreSales Manager and Career Development for the technology roles. As the company kept growing and evolving so fast, she worked with the Corporate Strategy Officer to re-think processes and take them to the next level, to answer upcoming business requirements while matching the company growth. Today she is facing new challenges in her role of Chief of Staff working closely with Nicolas Chiappara, Overcative's CEO on diverse cross company development projects.

Lorena has a degree in Business Administration and a Master in International Business, with 13+ years of experience working in the IT Industry on diverse management roles, business development, M&A and corporate strategy.

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