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Migration to an Azure PCI compliant environment

We helped our client migrate all of their production and staging environments to an Azure PCI compliant one.

What was about

We created a detailed plan to carry out the migration process without interrupting any ongoing services or operations. We re-installed all hosted apps in newly created servers by rebuilding code, testing and documenting all apps and applying reverse engineering, since we did not count on any documentation or installation packages. Thus, we were able to provide our client with documented apps and a cost-efficient Azure Cloud environment.

Servers were all Physical and Legacy: There was no easy or efficient way of virtualizing and migrating to Azure from the physical servers. Applications needed to be re-installed: All hosted applications had to be reinstalled in the newly created servers and there was no documentation nor installation packages. We had to rebuild from code. Applications needed to be documented and tested: Since there was no documentation about the apps, we had to apply reverse engineering and create documentation.

A detailed migration plan was developed in order to keep operations running without disruption. Successful migration with no service interruption. Documented applications and Cost savings due to Azure Cloud environment.


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