What we do

We embrace modern approaches in software development
to deliver value.

Our Unique Value Proposition

We design & build high-performance and secure software solutions for a wide range of industries by assembling multidisciplinary delivery teams. Change faster, surprise your customers and competitors; go digital and be ready for what’s next!

As a digital native company

  • We deliver consulting and software services.
  • We work with agility, flexibility and expertise.
  • We have a highly trained pool of talent.
  • And we provide World Class business solutions.

We exceed our client’s expectations.

  • OA Client Experience
  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Agile & Flexible Culture
  • NPS Focus

We have the best talent and we can scale teams as quickly as your business requires

  • Near Shore & On Site Presence
  • OA Unique Employee Journey
  • A+ Work Environment
  • OA Academy

We help you see around
the corner.

  • OA Client Experience
  • #WeKnowHow
  • Vertical Industry Expertise
  • OA Innovation HUB

Knowledge Hubs

Acting as a "serving hatch", a Hub offers our clients a set of services and expertise in specific knowledge areas. By assembling the right talent into these communities, our professionals are able to integrate their different backgrounds and experiences to deliver excellent solutions.

Why is Overactive
the right partner for you?


With 12+ years in the industry, we help our clients through digital and cognitive transformations, guiding and accompanying them in every stage of the journey

Multiple nearshore development centers

Time zone proximity is important. Our talented team is based in Latin America.

Technology Agnostic

Unbiased technology advice for our clients. We believe there is no “one size fits all” in our industry.

Expertise in highly sought after verticals

Industry expertise in Healthcare, Logistics & Transportation, Financial Services, Entertainment and Education, among others.

Digital and analytics talent.

We assemble the right teams according to your business needs recruiting talent from multiple disciplines.


Highly sought after digital development capacity. We can rapidly create the right team for your business requirements, providing experienced and innovative Squads.

Delivery Excellence

We develop our own Delivery Model based on an agile and flexible approach, providing the most efficient software solutions to our clients.

Loyal Client Base

We are not just a service provider, we are your partner! We focus on building trustful and long term relationships

Delivery Excellence

Discover how we work to build software solutions for the next generations.
We create our own delivery model to assure delivery excellence, maximize productivity and minimize deviations.

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