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We design & build high-performance and secure software solutions to support data conditions in technologically diverse environments.

What we do

We create multipurpose, large-scale and world-class solutions for a wide range of industries by assembling multidisciplinary delivery teams.

Our true differential is the excellent quality of our services; always exceeding expectations and enjoying our work.








Requirements Engineering

We understand your business and empathize with your needs to translate them into software requirements.
Business process modeling, Software requirements specification, User experience

End-to-end Agile Development

We execute an end-to-end SDLC process to support the digital transformation of your business.

Systems Integration

We develop high-end native Android & iOS apps exploiting device’s hardware to deliver the best possible experience.

Digital Reengineering

We adapt your digital environment to better support legacy and new applications, accompanying your business growth while minimizing costs. Legacy integration App/Platform migration Technology modernization

Success Cases

Compliant online payment throughout the Caribbean

We partnered with a new-generation payment processing provider in order to maintain a critical and high transaction system operational 24/7. We helped this client develop an intuitive, dynamic and modern home banking app to process payment with debit and credit cards within the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. We integrated change control processes to make sure they were compliant with complex and varied security and regulation requirements.

With this partnership we had the chance to help them on the development of its Mobile Payment app with the mail goal of launching an intuitive, dynamic and modern home banking application to process payments with debit and credit cards. - An iOS & Android application that allows users to utilize the app within the US, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. - A dedicated team for support, maintenance & new projects with 24x7 service. Integrated change control process to help ensure controls and compliance are maintained over time.

Transaction yearly: 1MM
CSI: 97%
Uptime requirements: 99.9%

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