Ximena Canale

Chief People Officer


Ximena is our Chief People Officer and is responsible for the development of leadership strategists, team builders and culture creators, forging Overactive’s values and making the most of its employees’ potential. As a global talent management executive she is in charge of nurturing a culture based on significant connections with the participation of all team members.

Additionally, she leads professional development plans so that all team leads meet their goals by recruiting, developing, and engaging high performance players. She is also responsible for creating and driving employees’ journeys and life cycles: recruitment, on-boarding, global employee engagement, talent management, learning and development, compliance, total rewards, and mobility.

She's passionate about experiences and relationships that make the workplace an interesting place to connect, collaborate, live, and work.
Ximena is a psychologist with 15+ years of experience working on diverse management roles, development and planning across different countries in South America. She has a Psychology degree from Uruguay’s Universidad de la República, specializing in Labor Psychology, and completed post graduate studies in Human Resource Management from Uruguay’s ORT University.

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